Transmedia + Music

January 10, 2012
by Laura Sterritt
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Rome: The Path of an Album to a Transmedia Property

Details have been slowly emerging about the Rome transmedia property. Originally a straight forward music album, two music videos (traditional and interactive HTML5) have since been released, and a full-length feature film is now being developed at the Sundance Lab. … Continue reading

August 2, 2011
by Laura Sterritt
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OK Go’s “All is Not Lost” and HTML5 Music Videos

Last week, OK Go released their newest innovative music video. They continued their DIY trend with using only dancers’ bodies to create shapes and letters, but chose to distribute an HTML5 version of the video for added interaction. This new … Continue reading

June 29, 2011
by Laura Sterritt

Adult Swim and Music Partnership

Adult Swim, the popular night-time TV programming block, is well known for its innovative and unorthodox content. But the network has also been ground-breaking with its long historical partnership with musicians and record labels. How has this relationship benefited both … Continue reading