Transmedia + Music

September 25, 2012
by Laura Sterritt

Soundplay: the Meeting of Music and Games

A transmedia campaign is only as good as its co-creators. Many originators—filmmakers, authors, musicians—are excellent at their art form, understanding how to use the medium to its best potential. Instead of forcing them to fumble through new and unknown platforms, … Continue reading

April 11, 2012
by Laura Sterritt

Kid Koala’s “Space Cadet Headphone Experience”

Perhaps the strongest extension of transmedia storytelling for music is live events. It allows for fan interaction, engagement with the artist, physical manifestation of narrative, and community building. It can also be the most difficult extension, as it requires a … Continue reading

March 8, 2012
by Laura Sterritt
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Chairlift’s “Met Before” and Other “Choose Your Own Adventure” Music Videos

As most storytellers wish to have their primary narrative kept “pure,” transmedia extensions can allow for fan interactivity. Some media is inherently built for interactive storytelling, such as video games or online content. Others, such as music, can be difficult … Continue reading